Pagans & Pilgrims visits Llanddwyn

Welsh writer and presenter Ifor ap Glyn at Whitby

Welsh writer and presenter Ifor ap Glyn at Whitby

I’m hugely enjoying Ifor ap Glyn’s survey of Britain’s holiest places (inspired by a book of that name, which looks like perfect research material for my next book!) Pagans & Pilgrims on BBC Four. Ifor is a Welshman born in London, but who has clearly seized his Welsh roots – not only did he learn the language, he won the Crown at the 1999 National Eisteddfod for a collection of poems about the experience. He was also the Welsh language Children’s Laureate (Bardd Plant Cymru) in 2008-09. His series on ancient British spiritual sites is eloquent, engaging, fascinating and lyrical. Last week’s episode was on islands, and Llanddwyn was featured, including the story of St. Dwynwen. There’s still time to catch it on BBC iPlayer.

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