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  1. Hello, Do you have instructions for crteaing a Kindle ebook from beginning to submission to Kindle, for someone who is not a programmer and doesn’t know HTML? I created a Word Document, saved it to filtered HTML, imported the html into Mobipocket, and tried to add the Word created Table of Contents. But, got stuck because I don’t know how to find the (Tags, Attributes, Values) to fill in the blanks to create a working Table of Contents, that works on the Kindle reader when the Go To is selected. I got a javascript error and the Table of Contents was grayed out. Please advise. Thank you. (Or rather, how do you create a NCX Table of Contents for the Kindle?)

  2. Hi Pandiyan, Sounds like you’re doing well to have got as far as you have – it’s certainly not easy! When I did it I used a lot of tips on Karen Inglis’s blog:
    Karen, as well as writing some lovely books, has created a dedicated site to pass on advice about how she did it. I did try to do a table of contents but had some issues, and as it was a fiction book, I decided it wasn’t essential and gave up!